...well yeah, he's back again...


Still the same: don't expect too much here! Even though a lot has changed in the last 16 years (where did the time go, I wonder?).

And yes, this website was gone for over 6 years! Strange that the domain name was still available...

A little blast from the past: thx to the WayBack Machine!


Let's connect... that's as close to a blog it ever will get



  • Born in 1979 in Germany.
  • Moved to France in 2002.
  • About to Still need to ask for the French citizenship.
  • Divorced for the third time (no pride there, though).

More detailed:

I was a heavy equipment mechanic for some bigger brands, and I worked as engineer for sport boats and yachts.
After a grave work accident in 2005, I decided to transform my passion into a full time job. In 2006, I got the opportunity to join my friend in his fresh startup for web development.
Since then, the company was bought in 2018 and with those many years of experience I became somewhat of a software engineer and DevOps.


I'm a linux power user since 2001 (with a colorful distro-history of Kubuntu, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Fedora and Arch), while on Arch Linux since 2014.
And since 2015 there is always an Apple next to my PC (dual screens FTW!!!).

Besides those classics like Jetbrains IDEs (kudos to ya), most of what I use nowadays is:


  • I'm a huge fan of mountain-biking (and no, not on electric ones!).
  • Electronic music, not a day goes by without!
  • And I do like working out too, when I have the motivation (wink too Smartworkout Pro)...
That's all folks... thanks for stepping by, see ya!